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Electronic Product Design

We design electronic products for clients. We are experienced in analog and digital designs, embedded processors and firmware. We specialise in wireless, analog and low-power designs.


We offer electronic design, printed circuit board design and embedded software design. We also provide ancillary services such as design of automated test systems and design of mechanical parts.

More Services

Other services include upgrade, enhancement and maintenance work on existing designs; designing sub-systems in a larger project as part of your team; and working on specific issues, for example modifying existing designs to obtain regulatory approvals.


We have a comprehensive set of tools and equipment and we follow a consistent design process that ensures a high quality result at a reasonable cost.


Since 2000 we have successfully completed over one hundred projects for clients ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals. Applications range from professional and industrial through to consumer electronics in areas as diverse as batteries and fuel cells, security and portable audio.

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We are based in North Vancouver, BC, on the west coast of Canada where there is a strong high-tech, electronics, wireless and software industry. We primarily serve local clients.


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