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A series of articles on subjects relevant to electronic design in general, and contract design in particular. New articles are added on a regular basis.

The Contract Design Process.
A discussion of the steps in the design process for electronic products, from concept to production.

Getting Started with Contract Design.
What to expect in your initial meeting with a contract design company, and how to prepare.

Writing Technical Specifications in the Present.
Tips on writing technical specifications.

Engineering and Production Drawings.
A discussion of the difference between engineering and productions drawings, and what information should appear on each.

Handling Substitutions on Bills of Materials.
A discussion of the difference between alternate and equivalent parts, and practical strategies for dealing with substitutions.

Drawing Sets for Electronic Products.
A discussion of the items that should appear in a drawing set for an electronic product, and some additional considerations if the design is contracted-out.

Component Manufacturers and Vendors.
A discussion of the difference between component manufacturers and vendors.

Production Volumes and Design Trade-offs.
A discussion of the different decisions that are appropriate in the design of products intended for low, medium or high volume manufacturing.